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It's Wedding Day!

More FAQ's for the Advanced Class

Some of the more in-depth questions I have had asked over the years.

When you do you start?

Actually, I started last night. I like to attend rehearsal to get some candid images during rehearsal and meet the wedding party, family, and friends. It’s better than them spending their entire day with a complete stranger the next day.

Okay, when do you really start?

As soon as you do. If you are going to a salon that morning I meet you there. There are a lot of great images to catch during the hours leading up to the wedding that you share with your wedding party and family.

Do you really stay all the way to end?

Why, yes. Yes, I do. It’s the only way I have found I can tell the entire story of your wedding day. There is so much more to your day than the marquee moments of the ceremony and reception.

Are all your shots posed?

Nope. In fact, I want more candid, emotional images than I do the posed.

When would we do “pictures” and how long do they take?

This is what most people call the formals. It’s the posed parts with family and wedding party and all those aunts and uncles. It’s also the most frequent question I get in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Usually they take less than two hours, including First Looks, if everyone is there and not wandering off or late. I like to tell couples to plan to start these three hours before the ceremony so that they have at least a half hour to relax before they walk down the aisle.

What if we don’t do a First Look?

Not a problem. I will be focused in on him to get his reaction when he first sees you enter the ceremony, then back on you as you walk down the aisle with your father or person of choice.

If you are with me at the salon, when do you get photos of the guys getting ready?

There are several ways to do this. I can move back and forth between your troop and his if you are both getting ready at the same location, or I can leave you to meet him elsewhere later in the morning, or we can stage some of the usual images of him getting ready before the formals.

What other photos do we need to plan for?

Most of what I do that day is not something you have to plan for. I’m catching it as the day unfolds. Otherwise, the only other setups would be the brief session at sunset and the “Survivor” photo I like to shoot at the very end, where everyone who made it to the end of your wedding comes to the dance floor for a group photo.

Do you have any rules?

Only one: your DJ has to play “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire sometime during the night.

Can friends or family bring cameras?

(Insert heavy sigh here) I love being a no-rules photographer, including not being bothered by this. So, the short answer is yes, they can. All I ask is that they never get between you and me, never use flash, and never lean into the aisle during the ceremony. But, it has been my experience that there will always be an Aunt Emma who comes with her camera, ignores the “Unplugged Wedding” sign, and does all of the above.

We are planning on a party bus. Will you come with us on it?

I will follow because I want to get some fun images during that time and I have a lot of gear moving around with me. This is a pretty relaxed and fun time with your wedding party and close friends and can make for some great images.

What else do you do?

I’ve tied ties (they don’t teach that anymore), picked up cakes, delivered flowers, pinned boutonnieres, decorated, helped tear down, directed the rehearsal, trained the rookie officiant, ran for coffee or drinks or snacks…I’ve even tied one bride’s dress. My position is that it’s your wedding day and it’s my job (particularly since I am the only vendor with you all day) to help you have a great wedding day. And any stress I can help relieve only makes your images that much better. I want you to experience the best wedding day ever.

Do you have a shot list?

Yep! It’s drilled in my head after hundreds of weddings, but I am happy to share a list with you and you are free to add to it as you like.

Will you dance at our reception?

You don’t want to witness that. You can’t un-see some things.

Do we plan for you to eat at the reception?

Generally, I take better pictures when I am not passed out on the floor from malnourishment. But, since I eat vegan only, and because I do not want you to have any worries about accommodating me in any way, I either bring my own food or just eat a few select items from the buffet.

Do you drink at the reception?

No, you want your pictures in focus. But I will share a beer with you while I am packing up my gear at the very end of the night if you like.

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