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This Is How We Do It

(now you have that song in your head)

A collection of some of the most common questions couples ask me before and after they book.

We like your work. What do we do next?

Ideally, if we’ve never met, we should get together for coffee. It’s a good idea to make sure I am exactly who you want at your wedding, ask all kinds of questions, and make sure I’m not an axe murderer.

Okay, we’d like to book! What’s next?

I will shoot you a contract via email and can either take a check via snail mail or send you an invoice via Square that you can pay online. Once that is in, you’re booked!

What is your deposit amount?

The initial deposit is only $700. A second deposit of $800 is due sixty days out from your ceremony. The rest can be paid on the wedding day. Some couples make payments along the way, and that’s okay too.

Do you take cash, check, or credit card?

All three!

What happens after that?

I’ll check in with you every couple of months to see how wedding plans are going, help you with the itinerary for the day (“What time do we start pictures?”), and see if there is anything else I can do to help. About two weeks out from your wedding I will call to make sure we are all lined up.

Can we call, email, or text you if we have questions?

Anytime. In fact, please do. The only other calls I get are telemarketers, and you would be a welcome relief.

What do we get?

At least 400 edited, digital images, on a USB, in a maple case that is personalized with an image from your wedding.

Do I have to order any prints, or albums, or key chains from you?

Nope, nope, and nope.

How long until I get my wedding images back from you?

I deliver within three weeks. Usually less.

Can I print them somewhere else, or share them on social media?

Absolutely. When I deliver your wedding you also get a release you may want to take with you to the printer. Most times they ask for it if they recognize they are professionally done. The release also gives you permission to copy or share them with friends and family.

The venue/florist/DJ wants to use some of them. Can we give them to them?

This is where copyright law gets sticky, so I am afraid you can’t. In order for them to use them for their business they must have expressed written consent from me--the creator of the copyright-protected images--and they need full-sized files tailored to their digital or print use. But if they contact me I almost always offer them for free.

Do you do LGBTQ weddings?

Yes. Love comes is all forms.

Do you use a second shooter, or do you work alone?

I work alone. In the digital age, second shooters are not really necessary. In 99.9 percent of weddings, they are an unnecessary, added expense.

Do you also do video?

I do not. But I know people.

Do you have any suggestions or advice for our wedding day?

Why, yes! In fact, here are two blog articles of little bits of advice I have collected over the years and over hundreds of weddings:

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